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Pest Control Services in Burnley

At Frontline we try to as a pest control company, ensure you the customer are provided with the best customer service possible.

As a professional pest control company in Burnley, we aim to offer the most affordable pest control service in the area.

Our highly trained rat and mice exterminators are the most knowledgeable in Burnley and are able to give our clients the most professional pest removal service in the area!

Discovering pests in your home is not a pleasant experience and can leave you distressed and even leaving you so anxious you struggle to sleep!. We offer support to worried victims of pests and vermin like rats and other rodents like mice. We offer a full mouse or rat pest control solution for customers in Burnley.

We are well known as the premier specialists for rat control in Lancashire and are fully trained in every aspect of rodent control.

Using the latest technology in rat tracking methods we can locate the problem rodents, destroy the food source, bock access and finally exterminate the rats!

Other insect pests we can treat are bed bugs, cockroaches, carpet and clothes moths, carpet beetles, silverfish and ants.

Nuisance birds like pigeons can be a massive problem, especially on commercial sites and are known like rats to spread disease.

Rodent Pest Control

We help remove rats or mice from your property.

Rodents can quickly become a big issue in your home or business if not controlled at the start of the infestation. If you have a mouse or especially a rat pest problem it can soon get out of hand if ignored.

It always best to call a professional pest control service in Burnley, if you only spot just one rat! Prevention is better than the cure as the saying goes and we can not only eradicate unwanted rats but also prevent them from entering your home or business again.

We have a range of baiting methods to catch the offending rat or mouse and we have specialist equipment to help block access points for the rodents!

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Our main area of work. We offer an affordable pest control service in Burnley including extermination of fleas, flies, ants, rats and mice.


If you have a problem with a rat or mouse in Padiham then give us a call today. Quotations are given over the phone and affordable pricing.


We cover this area for all your pest issues including rodents or insects like ants, flies, cockroach, bedbugs, silverfish, wasps and even bees.


If you are looking for pest control in Colne then Frontline is the company to contact today! Friendly staff and fully insured for every eventuality.

Frontline is literally at the frontline of pest control in Burnley. We attend over 50 jobs a week in the area so have a vast experience in offering pest control services in the area. We offer a specialist range of pest prevention services to local customers. At Frontline we always strive to provide a pest control professional in Burnley with our friendly and well-trained staff.

We guarantee every service we provide and we are certified for all pests. We believe in providing a fair pricing policy that makes pest control affordable for everyone. We are not VAT registered so we can pass on the savings to you the customer so why don’t you give us a call today!

If you think you have a pest problem, act now! The issue will only get worse and never ever try to tackle the problem your self!

rat control service

Rats can be a nuisance. In fact, they can be more than that. They can be deadly, with their ability to spread diseases like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and Leptospirosis. These are only two of the many diseases rats can carry and spread.

With this in mind, it is vital that you call a professional rat catcher in Burnley before any harm is done. They look like cute fluffy creatures but they need to be eradicated before any harm comes to your family!

Rats can be very persistent and stubborn when trying to enter a property. They will gnaw at almost anything to get in including doors, walls, wood skirtings and even metal. It is vital the all access points into your home or business are sealed before treatment is carried out and that’s where a professional pest controller like Frontline comes in!

Mice can be another issue that causes damage and disruption to your house. They can leave droppings everywhere and again will gnaw at almost anything! They are also able to fit through incredibly small gaps so are usually located in various areas of your home.

We can sometimes provide a humane pest control service for mice so please inquire by calling 01282 932388

Emergency Pest Control Services

We can often provide a same day service!

Rat Control

Rats are a massive problem in the UK and it’s a vermin that is to be found in all areas of Burnley just like any other town.

Rats can squeeze through incredibly small gaps to gain access to most parts of your house. Rats are often found in home attics and can be heard sometimes running between partition walls!

We use a special powder to track rats on the move in your home. This powder will show where the rats are moving and because they tend to use the same runs to moc=ve around we can often find access points and nests with this method.

We can sometimes even trap them in a humane fashion but we do often use professional traps and bait boxes when it’s suitable.

We are fully trained, insured and licenced to place rat poisons in all types of property so if you are looking for pest control in Burnley then Frontline is the company to contact today!

mouse pest control





It’s not always the case that a rat lives in a dirty environment! In fact, they are quite clean animals even though they can carry disease. We do find in general though that rats and in fact many other pests seem to like properties, yards, gardens, farm homes, farmyards and retail space’s that are cluttered. We always try to cure the source of the problem and that often can be having a clear up of anything laying about they can hide behind.

Part of our job is to find out where the rat’s in your property live their daily lives. For example, we try to locate the toilet and nesting areas they use. We also investigate ‘rat runs’ …. they tend to use the same walkways to travel throughout your home or to and from other properties. We use a special ultraviolet powder that the rat’s pick up on they’re feet, thus giving away the locations of the ‘rat runs’, which it makes it easier for us to contain them and block access points.

Our staff are trained to treat your infestations with the utmost discretion. Staff are credited and trained to the highest standards of rodent control. All staff are insured and our company has the latest up to date public liability insurance.

We can often provide a same day service for all customers. Our pest control operator will first have a phone conversation to get as much information as possible. It’s usually the case that we can give you a fixed price over the phone but sometimes we will give an estimate with a view to giving you a fixed price once we have looked at the job.

Mouse Control

mouse control

Mice may look cute but can cause destruction in your home. Chewing cables, wood, paper and cardboard they also leave mouse droppings and will often eat your food in your kitchen cupboards and larders!

We find it quite common for our clients to be very afraid of mice, even with their size and the thought of a mouse scurrying around our bed at night can be quite a scary experience.

We use mainly a combination of specialist glue boards and traps to help remove the mouse issue and with decades of experience we know which baits work best to attract a mouse.

Mice colonies can become very large and even just a few in your house can cause no end of destruction and unsettlement for your family so that’s why it’s best to call a professional pest control company in Burnley now!

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Insect Pest Control

Wasps, fleas & Flies

Insects can be a real problem that can make you miserable and literally ruin lives!

Because of their size, they can be very frustrating to remove and eradicate completely but with our expertise and training, we can solve any type of insect pest problem so if you are looking for an insect pest control company then get in touch with Frontline today!


A large problem in summer. An ant colony can rapidly grow in size and aggressiveness so it’s important to act now before it gets out of control. Eventually, they will enter your house if they are nesting outside under paving flags which is not a nice experience at all.


Carpet Moths can be a menace that will eat your carpets, furnishings and clothes.


At the very least they are a nuisance but can be deadly if you have an allergic reaction to a sting!


One of the hardest insect to completely eradicate. As professional ant removers, we can help you get this issue under control.

Insects can literally be a real pest, especially when they invade your home! We get called out daily for all types of critters who have taken over homes, gardens, sheds and garages.

In the summertime, it’s mainly wasps that are the problem. They can build nests in your gutters, facias and eaves in your home and should never be tackled by anyone who’s not trained or wearing the appropriate safety gear. Wasps have been known to kill in groups and even a single wasp can take a life of someone who is allergic to them.

Bees are a bit more tricky to remove and some types are protected but we own a large beehive locally so we can relocate and take care of them in a humane fashion if needed.

Ants are another summer pest. They can spread very quickly and once in your home it’s time to call a professional ant pest controller in Burnley because they are very difficult to remove fully!

Other pests that are prevalent in the summer months are flies and with flies, you get maggots so it’s vital you call a pest control company like Frontline immediately to prevent ongoing infestations.

In the winter it tends to be silverfish, spiders, woodlice, beetles, ladybugs and other types of flies.

Other insect pests we deal with are a cockroach, carpet beetles and carpet moths.

Bird Control

pigeon pest control

Pigeons, Rooks, Gulls, Ravens

Bird Spikes & Netting!

Pigeons and Seagull pest control services:

Pigeons can cause a real mess and become a real nuisance also! They leave destruction to property in their wake and bird droppings are known to be dangerous to human contact in certain circumstances.

Issues like feathers, droppings and general mess left behind by birds can be exasperating and many customers in Burnley need a professional bird pest control company like us for guidance.

We offer a solution to your bird pest problem including the prevention of birds getting on to your property with the specialist fitting of anti-bird spikes and nets.

We can also offer and put in place a bird pest control system for farm owners in and around Burnley.

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