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Insects can be a real problem that can make you miserable and literally ruin lives!

Because of their size they can be very frustrating to remove and eradicate completely but with our expertise and training we can solve any type of insect pest problem so if you are looking for a insect pest control company then get in touch with Frontline today!



A large problem in summer. An ant colony can rapidly grow in size and aggressiveness so it's important to act now before it gets out of control. Eventually they will enter your house if they are nesting outtside under paving flags which is not a nice experience at all.


Carpet Moths can be a menace that wiil eat your carpets, furnishings and cloths.


At the very least they are a nuisance but can be deadly if you have an allergic reaction to a sting!


One of the hardest insect to completely eradicate. As professional ant removers we can help you get this isssue under control.


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Insects can literally be a real pest, especially when they invade your home! We get called out daily for all types of critters who have took over homes, gardens, sheds and garages.


In the summer time it's mainly wasps that are the problem. They can build nests in your gutters, facias and eaves in your home and should never be tackled by anyone who's not trained or wearing the appropriate safety gear. Wasps have been known to kill in groups and even a single wasp can take a life of someone who is allergic to them.


Bees are a bit more tricky to remove and some types are protected but we own a large bee hive locally so we can relocate and take care of them in a humane fashion if needed.


Ants are another summer pest. They can spread very quickly and once in your home it's time to call a professional ant pest controller in Burnley because they are very difficult to remove fully!


Other pests that are prevalent in the summer months are flies and with flies you get maggots so it's vital you call a pest control company like Frontline immediately to prevent ongoing infestations.


In the winter it tends to be silverfish, spiders, woodlice, beetles, ladybugs and other types of flies.


Other insect pests we deal with are cockroach, carpet beetles and carpet moths.